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Strategies For Managing Multiple Online Exams and Scheduling Conflicts


Covid-19 served as an eye-opener. It has underlined the importance of digital learning. Without online learning, students would have long lost without having any platform to gain knowledge. 

With the plethora of benefits of online learning, there are some issues that arise when we talk about maintaining multiple exams and solving student conflicts. As a teacher, you must be aware of these so that you can get a score full 100 on student retention

Our Software Handles Multiple Exams Seamlessly 

As a digital teacher, there are two types of tests that you can create. One is known as the timed exam and the other is known as the untimed exam. In timed tests, students must answer specific questions within a certain time frame, while in untimed tests, they have more time to write. Hence knowing how to manage these is the need of the hour. 

These shortcomings can easily be solved with the help of our examination management software. Our program lets you create timed and untimed tests for your students seamlessly. Before taking the final test you will have the authority to create mock tests for them. This will allow the students to have a trial experience before attempting their final call.

Our Software lets you do Live Proctoring 

With the help of our online exam management system, invigilating is a breeze. Our software lets you use the webcam and microphone of the student when they are performing the test. This in-depth monitoring helps you see if the student has taken the test with utmost professionalism since as an invigilator you are constantly monitoring them.

Proctored Exams can be reviewed later too 

Let’s say that you have scheduled a test, but due to unfortunate timing, there is an immediate medical emergency that you need to attend. This is where you use our online student management system to record and review proctored exams later. In this way, you can easily identify if the student has used unfair means to pass the test when you check on them later. 

1:1 Personalized Feedback 

In the absence of an online platform that can benefit all students, student conflicts arise. Some students take feedback very seriously and this is the reason why you should give feedback personally and not inform the whole class.  With the help of our online tutor software, such issues are never a problem. Our software lets you create a safe space for you and your students and thus the student always feels comfortable in your presence. 

Our Software Tests your Compatibility Issues 

There has been an infinite number of times when there are compliance issues, the test is about to start and while you are about to monitor the student’s behavior you see that there are audio and video issues with your computer. 

Now you have to schedule the test and find audio and video that is compatible with your system. When you create a test with our system, you are told to check your hardware and software compatibility.

This saves a lot of your time as a teacher. By saving this time, we allow you to create a plan of action according to your convince.

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