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6 Unusual Challenges Faced by Teachers- How to Overcome

challenges faced by teacher

Teaching may be termed a Profession, but in reality, it is a Process of Learning & Growing. A real test of Commitment, Patience, Leadership & Acceptance. The term “If it doesn’t challenge you, It won’t change you goes the right way in the teaching profession. There are humongous hurdles and Challenges faced by teachers in building their identity Professionally and Personally.

Classroom Challenges in the teaching profession play a Vital Role in a teacher’s life and addressing & overcome those challenges shows Real Strength. With the Growing Competition, Advancement of Technology, Peer Pressure, Level of Education, and Modern Skills, the teacher has to beat the time and Stay a Step Forward for their Students. IS IT ALL EASY?

No, A Teacher has to go beyond their limits, and sometimes running all this in mind makes them low in Energy, Lack Confidence, and have a heavy heart.

Here’s why we have put light on the unusual Challenges faced by Teachers in their day-to-day life and How to Overcome them


A teacher’s job is to teach a diverse set of students with different learning abilities hence it demands pure attention and understanding. A class has a certain set of students whose learning abilities differ from one another for instance one can understand a basic example easily but the same example doesn’t make sense to another student. This kind of situation put contrast learning in a frame where teachers have to think out of the box and give extra effort and hours to meet students’ needs effectively.

How to overcome


The walls of the classrooms are no longer the boundaries for learning, thanks to advanced technology. Every coin has two sides, as they say, technology has made new ways of learning, communicating, and exploring but on the other side, it has made it a little difficult for teachers to keep up the pace. Teachers need to learn different software, programming, and whatnot. The load, pressure, and challenges teachers face with technology in the classroom; and dealing with them is not a walk in the park.

How to overcome


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One may consider Teaching a fun profession but it’s equally a tiring job. A job that gives pain mentally as well as physically. There are times when a teacher feels overworked, over-pressurized & mentally sick.

A manual task like planning lessons, notes, preparing exam questions, assessment results, student performance graph, etc could be brain-killing and leads to fatigue.

How to overcome


With growing competition, grows pressure hence teachers are continuously in a state of mind to work better in everything they do. The Performance pressure does not just lie within them but it goes beyond. A teacher is solely responsible for the Growth of the whole class, individual student performance, and academic results. Parents also put teachers accountable for their child’s development &future. Here the teacher is sailing close to the wind.

How to overcome


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Teaching is a rewarding yet demanding job but teacher workload and stress lead to burnout. This burnout can affect teachers in a negative way. With the constant pressure of good results teachers lack “ME” time, they feel down in the dumps and they suffer from the worst situations. These burnouts can imbalance personal and professional life.

How to overcome


A teacher has to deal with several kinds of students, there can be well-mannered students or can be notorious. Some students can motivate to work hard whereas some can be disrespectful. Some students can be a green light or some can be a total headache, here the challenge begins with dealing variety of students and controlling them.

How to overcome

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