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Shift from manual to digital teaching

In Vedic times teachers acted as a guru. The relationship between student and guru was bonded without any material conditions. They served as intellectual fathers that taught the students the way of life. 

Fast-forward to the ’70s, the teachers shifted to classroom learning. Now the teachers, with the help of a blackboard, used to give them lectures about lessons on various subjects they thought. Cut to 2001, technology entered the classrooms, and now classes are taught through audio-visual aids. 

With the introduction of technology in education, the learning process has been enhanced. Now it was more fun and interesting. Education was not only necessary to get a job now, but now it has become the way of life. 

The Covid Shift 

When the lockdown was announced, classrooms were abandoned, and education suffered. This brought a shift to online education. Classes were now being taken on Google, Zoom, and WhatsApp. These phenomena came to be known as e-learning

Teachers struggled initially to teach students in virtual classrooms, but since they were so passionate about teaching students, they tried all the necessary tools in virtual classrooms and became internet savvy. Some of the challenges that came with teaching students online were:

As per studies conducted (2018), online education is the future, and the shift is inevitable. Digital education is gradually a medium where quality education can be provided to learners. 

As per reports, teachers are slowly learning how to schedule classes, add students to their online classes, and share videos and materials. Slowly they are learning to use software skills; it’s a completely new game to them.  

A research article stated that earlier teachers never thought that they would ever use a laptop or phone to teach students, and now they can’t even live without it. This proves that the digital era is now the new normal, and this shift was huge in such a short period. 

Conducting Exams is Never a Hassle Now

Printing thousands of papers for the exam, allocating the student’s answer sheet, and finally checking them are time-consuming and expensive. Switching to TutorShell’s online examination system reduces this burden, and running an exam is now a seamless process. 

Checking assignments is now super easy and extremely fast with our software. You no longer require several days to check an answer sheet and give students feedback. Checking can be done on the same day as when the test is conducted, and students no longer have to wait a prolonged time for results.

The answer could be modified, stolen, or damaged in printed documents. There was no security in printed copies. In the case of TutorShell, privacy and security are praiseworthy. 

You can send the results directly to the students and create a safe environment. Earlier, this was not possible since, in printed documents, the answer sheet has to be distributed in the classrooms and can be viewed by anybody. 

The students and teachers will have the benefit of freedom when switched to our software. This means teachers and students can interact using online classes at any time and place. Any device can be used to make communication. You can use a personal computer, tablet, laptop, or mobile phone to ensure the platform for communication. 

Stop Using Physical Records 

Physical record keeping isn’t scalable, and that’s a fact. Along with this, other problems are associated with it, like physical record keeping is time-consuming, it’s prone to error, and there is no backup and security. All these issues are mitigated when you shift online with TutorShell.

Say No To Printed Distribution

Distribution of printed documents is a hassle. When there are inaccuracies in a printed copy, the students can question the teacher’s authority. This may harm your reputation, and we don’t want that happening to you.  

Sharing study material through printed documents is considered as fragile. This is because they can be lost, copied, manipulated, and never to be returned. When you switch to TutorShell, such things are never an issue.

Why Do You Need Us?

Imagine a day sitting with your coffee, appreciating yourself since all your student materials have been organized in a centralized system, and you have doubled your productivity with one click. This gives you immense peace and satisfaction. Feels like a dream, right? Well, not anymore, as signing up with TutorShell will make this a reality.


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