6 Effective Tools for Teachers in 2023

We live in a time where our digital image is more important than our physical ones. The power of the internet is so strong that makes it makes us digitally interconnected no matter wherever we are. COVID-19 has pushed our boundaries and now we can easily learn, earn and create anything we wish to through digital media. 

One of the driving forces that have given the students and the teacher the to gain knowledge according to their convenience is EDtech.  Millions of students are leaving the traditional way of learning a lesson and shifting to online tutoring software that would allow them sophisticated teaching. One such software tool in existence today is known as Tutorshell

1. TutorShell 

This online class scheduling software was designed to provide interactive learning for students.  With this tutoring platform, students can share worksheets; audio, videos, and other valuable study materials among themselves and also keep them in one singular platform.

With the help of our exam management software teachers can track a student’s performance and create cut-off marks, test names, submission dates, and subject names with the help of a single click.  As a teacher, your workload is reduced by 2 x and your productivity is increased by 10x 

2. Near Pod 

This is an online tutoring platform that has helped students to improve their learning experience. Teachers have the authority to create an engaging environment with the help of Google slides, you tubes, worksheets, PowerPoint, and gamification.  In addition, this tool consists of a special feature known as student pace which allows students to communicate with a particular teacher personally.

3. Self-Cad 

This tool provides instant visualization for students.  Say for example A teacher wants to teach the vital organs in our human body. Instead of providing non-interactive lectures through textbooks, teachers can create 3d images by themselves and double their engagement rates.

4. Whiteboard chat 

This tool comes with a multitude of features. Teachers now have a platform that could create custom images and grids and allow their precious students to use dice-rolling tools and calculators to make the session super interesting.  In addition, it has all the features of adding notes and sharing student materials without leaving the platform 

5. Canva 

Interesting assignments, engaging graphics, lesson-packed video content, and worksheet, you name it and canva has it. It can sync with your current learning management systems and the drag-and-drop interface allows you to share your content with multiple students.

6. GimKit 

Educators now have a platform that could create an instant question bank for students. In addition, if the educators which to customize their questions they can do that too.  Another interactive way of creating exams is through flashcards which pave the way for intuitive learning. 

This software also comes with gaming features, where teachers could create personalized games which have a dedicated set of rules and regulations. Some of the games that top the list are boss battle, infinity mode, and human vs. zombies.

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