5 Reasons Why Teachers Need Class Scheduling Software

Why Teachers Need Class Scheduling Software

Time Management is one of the most important administrative tasks for a teacher. We know that teaching is a highly rewarding profession, yet sometimes managing its various tasks can get very demanding – especially when it comes to planning and creating schedules for classes and tests. If you are a teacher still using manual scheduling … Read more

Online Assessments: How Can They Benefit Teachers?

Online Assessments

Educational institutions for several years have been wasting paper in the form of printed documents, making errors in evaluation while taking tests, and causing the loss of answer sheets accidentally. So the entire education system needed something that would solve this issue, and this is the time we were introduced to online assessment during Covid-19. … Read more

All You Need to Know About Digital Media in Education

All You Need to Know About Digital Media in Education

The benefits of digital media are massive when it comes to teachers. With the help of online tools, teachers now control their resources. Online teaching software has given rise to innovation, critical thinking, and collaboration. Learning is no longer limited to the classroom and printed paper. How Digital Media is Used in Education Teachers found … Read more

Switch From Manual to Digital Teaching with TutorShell, It’s Free!

Shift from manual to digital teaching

In Vedic times teachers acted as a guru. The relationship between student and guru was bonded without any material conditions. They served as intellectual fathers that taught the students the way of life.  Fast-forward to the ’70s, the teachers shifted to classroom learning. Now the teachers, with the help of a blackboard, used to give … Read more

Organizing & Sharing Study Materials | How to Do it With TutorShell

Organizing & Sharing Study Materials

Most teachers today are struggling to keep everything organized. They are clueless about where to place their classes, projects, and study materials. Without proper organization, teachers are getting no productivity since they are unable to get a solution. Introducing TutorShell, a one-stop centralized system for all teachers. With the help of this software, remembering and … Read more

7 Interactive Technology Tools to Use in The Classroom

The Covid pandemic has played a significant role in the rise of the virtual classroom.  Students were extremely depressed when their studies came to a fix, and this is where tech tools for the classroom came as a silver lining.  The rise of interactive classroom technology tools educated the world about its importance in earning … Read more

How to Schedule Online Classes using TutorShell

schedule online classes

Class scheduling is a complex process with lots of variables. And it is important to make sure that the schedule is not just fair, but also efficient and effective. Class scheduling or tutor scheduling can help schools and coaching centers to reduce the workload of teachers and provide a better experience for students. It can … Read more

How to Conduct Exams Online using TutorShell | Step-by-Step Guide

How to Conduct Exams Online using TutorShell

The online exam has come a long way since its inception. In the early days of online exams, there were many concerns about cheating and the lack of face-to-face interaction with professors. However, online exams have evolved over the years and are now widely accepted as a legitimate form of assessment. There are several advantages … Read more

How to Use Technology in Education? Benefits + Importance

benefits of technology in Education

Technology has always been a big part of education, from the days of the abacus to the modern-day computer. But the role of technology in education has changed over time. In the early days, technology was used mostly for administrative purposes, like keeping track of grades and attendance. But lately, technology has been playing a … Read more

6 Unusual Challenges Faced by Teachers- How to Overcome

challenges faced by teacher

Teaching may be termed a Profession, but in reality, it is a Process of Learning & Growing. A real test of Commitment, Patience, Leadership & Acceptance. The term “If it doesn’t challenge you, It won’t change you goes the right way in the teaching profession. There are humongous hurdles and Challenges faced by teachers in … Read more