7 Top Skills You Need to be a Good Teacher

Skills You Need to be a Good Teacher

When you are adaptable and flexible then the student would automatically come to you for guidance. If you are someone who doesn’t know the difference between skills and techniques then this blog has been designed for you.  You may be a skilled teacher, but if you don’t use proper techniques to channel your skills then … Read more

Reasons Why I Switched to TutorShell and Will Never Go Back To Paper-Based Tools

Switch to TutorShell

Parents worry that their child will wander off into social media while using the digital classroom as an excuse while teachers worry that they won’t not able to give them personal experience by meeting them personally in a traditional classroom  All these concerns are true, but that doesn’t mean that we will shy away from … Read more

How to Track Students’ Progress Effectively? 5 Key Points

How to Track Students’ Progress Effectively?

Both teachers and students are finding it very hard to invest in each other. The students are unable to see their growth, while teachers are unable to see how students are performing when they are teaching a particular subject.   To mitigate these issues both students and teachers need a student tracking system that would double … Read more

Things You Need for a Perfect Digital Classroom in 2023

Perfect Digital Classroom in 2023

Teachers these days are underperforming because they are failing to engage generation Z (born between 1995-2010). They have grown up learning the digital interface and are not comfortable with the teaching methods that came before them. They are brilliant at multitasking and they are eager for quick feedback. They have very short attention spans and … Read more

Coaching Class Management Software: How to Choose the Right One?

Coaching Class Management Software

As a teacher or a coaching institution, your business will expand in time. Slowly there would be more students that will come to you for a deep understanding of their subjects when this happens we don’t want you to look confused in front of the students.  To mitigate this issue take the help of a … Read more

Student Tracking Systems | Impact on Students Performance

Student Tracking System | Impact on Students Performance

A good education plays a significant role in the overall development of every person’s life. Thereby, a classroom education equipped with the right tools and good teachers can provide knowledge along with all-around personality development. Whether the class is online or offline, the goal remains the same – to promote an overall scholastic and social … Read more

A Software That Can Help You Manage Your Tutoring Center

Manage your tutoring center

The education system has gone through many changes over the last couple of years. With digitization and online integrations, schools have extended beyond those four walls into the homes of the students through their screens. As demand for remote tutoring grew, the need for a good system was never more important. Tutors and institutes alike … Read more

5 Reasons Why Teachers Need Class Scheduling Software

Why Teachers Need Class Scheduling Software

Time Management is one of the most important administrative tasks for a teacher. We know that teaching is a highly rewarding profession, yet sometimes managing its various tasks can get very demanding – especially when it comes to planning and creating schedules for classes and tests. If you are a teacher still using manual scheduling … Read more

Online Assessments: How Can They Benefit Teachers?

Online Assessments

Educational institutions for several years have been wasting paper in the form of printed documents, making errors in evaluation while taking tests, and causing the loss of answer sheets accidentally. So the entire education system needed something that would solve this issue, and this is the time we were introduced to online assessment during Covid-19. … Read more

All You Need to Know About Digital Media in Education

All You Need to Know About Digital Media in Education

The benefits of digital media are massive when it comes to teachers. With the help of online tools, teachers now control their resources. Online teaching software has given rise to innovation, critical thinking, and collaboration. Learning is no longer limited to the classroom and printed paper. How Digital Media is Used in Education Teachers found … Read more