Time-Saving Tips to Schedule your Online Class

When students first enroll in their online classes, they are super excited. After a few days, they start procrastinating. This happens because their online class scheduling software doesn’t offer flexibility nor does their tutoring software offer an upgraded learning experience. This is not the case with Tutorshell. 

Our student management system offers an organized calendar that allows both the teachers and the student to create a schedule according to the convenience of both parties. 

In our system, every operation like completing assignments, referring study materials, and watching videos to understand a concept better is maintained in one singular channel.  As a student, if you are not sure how to manage your time taking an online class, then this digital piece would come as a lifesaver. 

1. Stop Multitasking 

Multitasking is the foundation of distraction. During an online class, if the teacher has instructed you to concentrate on study materials and complete an assignment then do that on priority. 

While doing your priority, never check your email or chat on social media. This would lessen your productivity. Take some time and prioritize your task and in this way, you never have to miss a deadline.

2. Have a Comfortable Environment 

When you are performing an online task make sure you close your room and offer no distractions till the task is completed. Having a comfortable space to complete your work would help you complete your task at 3x speed. 

Some students like to put on their headphones, while some want to work in pin-drop silence. Find your optimal setting and work on basis of that. While working makes sure that you sit in a comfortable chair with proper lighting conditions.

3. Avoid Burnout 

Students nowadays work extremely hard but they forget to reward themselves. Once you complete your tasks and feel that you have given your 100 % make sure that you never shy away from treating yourself.  

Go out for a nice dinner or movie or enjoy quality time with your family.  This will help you stay proactive for the future days and your work will come as satisfactory every time you perform it. 

4. Never Avoid Socializing 

Don’t be so involved in your online coursework that you avoid spending time with your friends and avoid social interactions. Thus it’s very important to create a balance when you venture into online tutoring.  In this way, you give full attention to aspects of your life and you never have to juggle between online coursework and social interactions.

5. Stop Avoiding Sleep 

All the self-help Gurus will advise you on getting quality sleep and high performers have always prioritized sleep. Sleep helps you stay active all day, avoid depression and stay productive at all times. Thus never avoid sleep by watching social media late at night. Eight hours of sleep is super essential 

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