The Impact of Online Class Scheduling on Student Engagement and Success

Student engagement and study focus can be maintained when three things are followed. Managing class notes, interacting with students and teachers, and the ease of the platform. 

If these are set straight in a digital environment then student involvement would be seamless. This is the reason our online student management software known as Tutorshell, can keep students active during an online class.  Besides this, there are certain must-haves that you must know while engaging in an online class with your students and ensuring their success. 

1. Course Presentation 

The first thing that you must acknowledge as a teacher is a mastery over a particular subject that you are teaching. When you begin to speak, the student should automatically feel that they have selected the right teacher for the subject that they are pursuing. Using Tutor shell’s top-tier features, you can make your presence known. 

2. Feedback Acceptance 

You are awesome at your work, and your experience is gold. When you become a teacher, it should be a daily reminder that you are not “all knowing”. Learn to accept constructive criticism and new knowledge the student provides so. Using our platform for accepting feedback will help you reflect on yourself and pave the opportunity to become the best version of yourself.

3. Be Respectful of Feedback 

In 2022, some studies have shown that students can have mental trauma when their vulnerabilities are exposed in front of everyone during an online class. Hence ask the student if they are comfortable hearing feedback in front of others or if they need personal communication. This attitude would make the student love you even more and their misconceptions and common errors would be addressed on how they like it. 

4. Give them Multiple Options 

Never say that your course material is golden and they should refer to that only. Always initiate self-learning in front of the students. Tell them how to monitor, regulate and plan their coursework through self-help. 

5. Never Back Down From Active Learning 

Use our powerful software, to set active learning in action.  Creating discussion posts, quizzes, and fun coursework initiates motivation, critical thinking skills, and new information in front of the students. This would automatically increase the retention rate in front of the student.

Join the family Our powerful software has proven experience in scheduling online classes seamlessly so that students can have a 90 % percent retention rate. With our software, students learn new methods of learning so that concepts are deeply ingrained in their minds.

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