Organizing & Sharing Study Materials | How to Do it With TutorShell

Most teachers today are struggling to keep everything organized. They are clueless about where to place their classes, projects, and study materials. Without proper organization, teachers are getting no productivity since they are unable to get a solution.

Introducing TutorShell, a one-stop centralized system for all teachers. With the help of this software, remembering and storing files and study materials is a seamless process. As a teacher, it helps you manage your workload effortlessly.

In addition, you can create a checklist; that will help you teach to your full potential. You now have software that gives a clear idea of what to teach and how to teach it and thus students passing under guidance would be 2X higher.

It’s Time You Move Over Printed Documents

move over printed documents | TutorShell

We still see tutors using papers for creating study materials. This takes a lot of space and too many risks are associated with it. For instance, they can be lost, mishandled, or damaged. Hence today most teachers are switching to online tutoring software that would keep their resources encrypted.

TutorShell provides you with enough storage space for all your materials, which are easily accessible at any time. No longer will piles of paper take up a significant amount of your physical space. They are safely stored inside the software with no prone to being damaged.

Furthermore, with TutorShell, transportation of documents is a breeze. You can embed an informative video in the platform, and your students can directly watch it without going to YouTube.

They can watch the video instantly and could also revise the materials you have shared. This would not be possible for printed documents as once a printed document is lost, it’s never to be found again.

Maintenance & Freedom in One Place

The cost associated with printed documents is massive. You’ll also lose your mind with the number of edits you have to make to printed documents. For instance, if there was an edit in a printed document, you would have to revise the entire document, by writing it down from scratch. This will happen every time you make a correction.

In addition, to keep your paper document organized, you would need tons of stationery, photocopier, printers, and supplies. This can be a big expense as the cost of maintaining printed documents is very high. You can mitigate all these issues once you switch to TutorShell.

No matter how good a student you are, you can’t memorize an entire lecture. For finding an important point, you no longer have to search your bulky textbooks as TutorShell helps teachers to keep their notes in a systematic way. This helps the students to quickly memorize crucial information for any examination and score flying colors on their tests.

Now let’s see How you can Share Study material with Students using TutorShell:

Step 1: Log in using your credentials

Step 2: click on the “Subjects” on the left-hand sidebar

Step 3: Select the Class with which you want to share study materials or important file

Step 4: Add Subject name or File Name

Step 5: Upload the Syllabus File you want to cover over the period of time

Step 6: Upload the Study Materials you want to share

Important Note:

You can also upload & share informational Youtube Videos directly into the system and you can also share a reference link for further clearing concepts.

Students of respective classes can access the link shared and can also watch videos from anywhere at any time using any device.

Watch this video to learn how to upload a syllabus and share study materials with students using TutorShell.

Share Study Materials & Syllabus with TutorShell

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