Time-Saving Tips to Schedule your Online Class

tips to schedule your online class

When students first enroll in their online classes, they are super excited. After a few days, they start procrastinating. This happens because their online class scheduling software doesn’t offer flexibility nor does their tutoring software offer an upgraded learning experience. This is not the case with Tutorshell.  Our student management system offers an organized calendar … Read more

Reasons Why I Switched to TutorShell and Will Never Go Back To Paper-Based Tools

Switch to TutorShell

Parents worry that their child will wander off into social media while using the digital classroom as an excuse while teachers worry that they won’t not able to give them personal experience by meeting them personally in a traditional classroom  All these concerns are true, but that doesn’t mean that we will shy away from … Read more

How to Use Technology in Education? Benefits + Importance

benefits of technology in Education

Technology has always been a big part of education, from the days of the abacus to the modern-day computer. But the role of technology in education has changed over time. In the early days, technology was used mostly for administrative purposes, like keeping track of grades and attendance. But lately, technology has been playing a … Read more

How to Use TutorShell: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Use TutorShell

Tutorshell is a centralized tutor management software offering tutors and private institutes services to manage their tutoring business efficiently and effectively. The software is straightforward to use, but still, we’re here to start from scratch. We will learn the A to Z of using the software. How to Start Using The Software? When you start … Read more