What is Student Record Management System? Benefits + Tool

Student Record Management System

WHAT IS A STUDENT RECORD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM? Time is the Most Valuable Asset & so are the Students; hence to save both, there is a Student Record Management System (SRS) or also referred to as Student Information Management System (SIMS), which is a Software Solution for Tracking, Managing, Scheduling and Recording Students Data.  Student Record … Read more

How to Use TutorShell: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Use TutorShell

Tutorshell is a centralized tutor management software offering tutors and private institutes services to manage their tutoring business efficiently and effectively. The software is straightforward to use, but still, we’re here to start from scratch. We will learn the A to Z of using the software. How to Start Using The Software? When you start … Read more

5 Common Classroom Management Mistakes: How to Avoid

Common Classroom Management Mistakes

CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT can be expressed as the tactics and actions teachers take for the sustainable & well-ordered environment of their class.  Almost Half of the Teachers, be they freshers or veterans, feel unprepared to manage their Classrooms. A study shows managing a classroom is the most anxious task for all Teachers. As the class grows … Read more

How to Engage Students in Learning: 7 Effective Ways

How to Engage Students in Learning

Time is changing Rapidly. With those Traditional classrooms of an old era, now we’re shifting to Modern & Advanced Technological Classrooms. Through the use of the Internet and a wide array of Software, the Education system is becoming more interesting and more accessible to tutors as well as Students.  Previously it was a tedious task … Read more