How to Deal with Exam Anxiety and stay Focused During Tests

How to Deal with Exam Anxiety

We have seen several students in our life who has prepared extremely well for their exams, but their mind goes blank when they appear before the actual exams. Their hands sweat and their stomach hurt. All these are symptoms of exam anxiety.  If you are facing these signs then your test score will always be … Read more

Strategies For Managing Multiple Online Exams and Scheduling Conflicts


Covid-19 served as an eye-opener. It has underlined the importance of digital learning. Without online learning, students would have long lost without having any platform to gain knowledge.  With the plethora of benefits of online learning, there are some issues that arise when we talk about maintaining multiple exams and solving student conflicts. As a … Read more

How To Make Your Online Classes More Productive


When you have comfort at your home, then staying productive is a challenging task. There is nobody to tell you what to do and this is why most teachers barely get any benefit from taking an online class with their students. There is no student engagement and the student retention rate falls drastically. Hence, as … Read more

The Impact of Online Class Scheduling on Student Engagement and Success

Online Class Scheduling

Student engagement and study focus can be maintained when three things are followed. Managing class notes, interacting with students and teachers, and the ease of the platform.  If these are set straight in a digital environment then student involvement would be seamless. This is the reason our online student management software known as Tutorshell, can … Read more

Time-Saving Tips to Schedule your Online Class

tips to schedule your online class

When students first enroll in their online classes, they are super excited. After a few days, they start procrastinating. This happens because their online class scheduling software doesn’t offer flexibility nor does their tutoring software offer an upgraded learning experience. This is not the case with Tutorshell.  Our student management system offers an organized calendar … Read more

7 Top Skills You Need to be a Good Teacher

Skills You Need to be a Good Teacher

When you are adaptable and flexible then the student would automatically come to you for guidance. If you are someone who doesn’t know the difference between skills and techniques then this blog has been designed for you.  You may be a skilled teacher, but if you don’t use proper techniques to channel your skills then … Read more

Reasons Why I Switched to TutorShell and Will Never Go Back To Paper-Based Tools

Switch to TutorShell

Parents worry that their child will wander off into social media while using the digital classroom as an excuse while teachers worry that they won’t not able to give them personal experience by meeting them personally in a traditional classroom  All these concerns are true, but that doesn’t mean that we will shy away from … Read more

How to Track Students’ Progress Effectively? 5 Key Points

How to Track Students’ Progress Effectively?

Both teachers and students are finding it very hard to invest in each other. The students are unable to see their growth, while teachers are unable to see how students are performing when they are teaching a particular subject.   To mitigate these issues both students and teachers need a student tracking system that would double … Read more

Things You Need for a Perfect Digital Classroom in 2023

Perfect Digital Classroom in 2023

Teachers these days are underperforming because they are failing to engage generation Z (born between 1995-2010). They have grown up learning the digital interface and are not comfortable with the teaching methods that came before them. They are brilliant at multitasking and they are eager for quick feedback. They have very short attention spans and … Read more