Coaching Class Management Software: How to Choose the Right One?

As a teacher or a coaching institution, your business will expand in time. Slowly there would be more students that will come to you for a deep understanding of their subjects when this happens we don’t want you to look confused in front of the students. 

To mitigate this issue take the help of a coaching class management software that can manage your tasks easily while encouraging you to concrete on other areas of business like making plans to better your coaching in infrastructure or thinking of futuristic ways on how you can level up the quality of life for your students. 

An Ideal coaching class management software will fit perfectly with your budget and needs. Optimal online management software should come with multiple features like class management, multi-tutor management, class scheduling, and many more. Take a look at our coaching class management software and its feature list and decide for yourself. 

Why Tutorshell believes that having a Performance Tracking System is the need of the hour? 

In many parts of the world, an individual or a company is looked down upon when they don’t meet their target. This happens because they don’t use performance-tracking software.  Using our software you will know which areas to target in front of students so that they can get a premium coaching experience. 

Our performance-tracking system acts super beneficial in front of the teachers. Now teachers can calculate the performance of students just before they take the final exams. This feature also allows the student’s parents to look at their performance graph and pay careful attention to the areas that need correction urgently. 

Checklist for choosing the right Coaching Class Management Software?

1. The software should help you schedule classes with ease

Our engineers have crafted an easy user interface to give your students a premium experience. With the help of our class scheduling software, you can get an organized calendar that automatically set classes for students and lets you select a convenient time when you could supervise your student test. Any changes that are made on the calendar automatically get reflected on our software.

2. It should be a convenient syllabus-sharing and study materials-sharing system

What if we tell you about a system that helps you share video tutorials, handwritten notes, eBooks, and different sites among your peers and students with just a click? Will this make you jump with joy as you now have a centralized system that allows continued growth and helps a student who is struggling with getting study materials? If the answer is yes, then look no further than Tutorshell 

3. A Robust online exam management software 

Covid has taught us that times can be unstable. A rapid shift happened from pen-and-paper tests to online tests. This was not easy for a lot of students and teachers but slowly they start loving the process and now feel that it is super convenient during slowdowns like corona or the pandemic that we might face later.

Using online exam management software, students and teachers will have the ability to take tests whenever they want.  Besides this, offline tests require a lot of resources, firstly there needs to be a classroom where the test might happen. In addition, there should be an invigilator present to point out if there is any malicious activity performance by the students. Thereafter, there needs to be a pen and paper to take the test. 

On the contrary, using online exam management software, to conduct the test is super simple. With only the help of a few clicks, you will be able to generate cut-off marks, subject names, and test names. Takes an hour to set up a test that can be taken any time during the day or according to convenience. 

Get a Free trial of our software now Take our free trial with our core features and evaluate yourself. We are sure that once you start using our coaching class management software, there would be no going back. Once you feel comfortable with our software, you can move out to our premium pricing plans which can be seen here.

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