Things You Need for a Perfect Digital Classroom in 2023

Teachers these days are underperforming because they are failing to engage generation Z (born between 1995-2010). They have grown up learning the digital interface and are not comfortable with the teaching methods that came before them.

They are brilliant at multitasking and they are eager for quick feedback. They have very short attention spans and prefer video lecture that summarizes the important points of a lesson rather than reading an entire textbook. 

Since teachers are not able to close this education gap and still using traditional teaching methods to teach them, they are dropping out of their classes and teachers are losing business.  

TutorShell understands this problem and thus it becomes very important for you to understand the digital classrooms requirement for generation Z that would captivate them. Here are some easy ways how you can do so. 

Perfect Digital Classroom | TutorShell

1. Conducting a Class Online is Not Digital Education 

Most teachers today have a very vague meaning of digital classrooms. They believe that taking a class online is making students come online in a video calling application and give lectures through it. In reality, digital education means taking the help of online tutoring software like Tutorshell which helps in class management and easy sharing of study materials. 

2. A Digital Classroom Should Pave the Way for Innovation 

As stated earlier generation z has a very short attention span. When they give a test, they want immediate feedback. You should switch to Tutorshell which is an online exam software that will grade student performance in a very short period of time if you still use pencil and paper to check students’ answers.

3. A Centralized System to Share & Store Study Materials 

At the time of the exam, students are running from one corner of the room to another to know their exam syllabus or are requesting their friends to share notes, so that they can pass their exam. Students don’t have notes available to them, which makes the student get low grades during their exams. 

Tutorshell eliminates this issue completely. Our learning management comes with a multimedia-sharing feature where students can store their files, notes, and links and one single place. This automatically makes students confident in taking their exams, since they have their notes organized. 

When you upload study material to our platform, students are automatically notified via email. This greatly reduces your workload as a teacher. The process is automated now, so you no longer have to share materials with all your students multiple times.

Top elements that make an interactive classroom: 

  • Screen sharing: Helps students in understanding a problem and how it can be resolved 
  • Whiteboard: Helps students to get a visual representation of the lesson 
  • Audio: Helps in establishing social presence 
  • Sub rooms: Helps in dividing the class into multiple classrooms so that statements can interact privately with teachers
  • Polling rooms: Helps students in taking surveys, if they are included in their course
  • Data: Helps teachers in tracking student performance 
  • Feedback: Constructive feedback from teachers improves the students learning activity


To provide a premium education experience for students, you would need top-of-the-line online management software. Choosing Tutorshell as your daily online tutoring tool would improve your authority as a teacher at a staggering rate. 

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