Reasons Why I Switched to TutorShell and Will Never Go Back To Paper-Based Tools

Parents worry that their child will wander off into social media while using the digital classroom as an excuse while teachers worry that they won’t not able to give them personal experience by meeting them personally in a traditional classroom 

All these concerns are true, but that doesn’t mean that we will shy away from the beauty of digital classrooms like Tutorshell and the various benefits it has to offer as an online teaching platform. In this, we will try to convince you why should never go back to paper-based teaching 

1. Tutorshell Increases Productivity 

Consider an example of a sick student. When you have a traditional classroom, then the student comes to your personality and submits their homework. When you switch to a digital classroom like Tutorshell, the student doesn’t have to come to you and submit their homework. They can submit it whenever the person feels better. This increases productivity by 10x.

2. Tutorshell Allows you to Share Knowledge 

In a traditional classroom, the teacher acts as a dictator. Nobody is allowed to speak or contradict a teacher’s statement when the teacher is not right. This doesn’t have in the digital classroom. The student can raise a concern easily if the student feels like it. This not only becomes an eye-opener for the teacher to receive feedback from students but also helps the teacher to upgrade himself as a teaching professional. 

3. Tutorshell Saves Cost and Time

Whenever there is a test in a traditional classroom, it involves paper and pen. This means there would be thousands of papers and the teacher would take multiple weeks to check exam papers. The sequent has to wait for results for a prolonged period and then detect which areas they need to improve on.

When you switch to Tutorshell this is never the case. With the help of our online exam management system, students are allowed to take the test online and the results are generated on the same day when the exam was conducted. This feature not only saves time and money but you can also track the performance of students through a performance tracker.

4. Tutorshell Prepares them for the Real World 

Every business now uses computers and software to run its daily operations. The use of pen and paper to run daily operations is not the case now. Hence if you switch to Tutorshell you are allowing the students to upgrade themselves through digital learning with the help which helps them to communicate in the real world seamlessly.

5. With Tutorshell Sharing is Easy 

A study in 2023 reported that most students fail to score good grades in examinations because they don’t have a sufficient amount of study materials to learn and excel in the examinations. 

The student has to run to peers to get the notes who have attended the classes and the one who doesn’t have to live on their mercy to pass the exam. When you switch to Tutorshell, this issue is eliminated. 

The students will have the same study material that is given and distributed to all students.  All the students will now have a single channel where they could read and learn from the study material that is available to all.

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