How to Track Students’ Progress Effectively? 5 Key Points

Both teachers and students are finding it very hard to invest in each other. The students are unable to see their growth, while teachers are unable to see how students are performing when they are teaching a particular subject.  

To mitigate these issues both students and teachers need a student tracking system that would double their productivity and efficiency. One such online student management software that has been able to solve these issues seamlessly is known as Tutorshell. 

Why a Good Tracking System is The Need of The Hour?

A good tracking system is needed to determine your graph as a teacher. When you have Tutorshell as your daily driver, you will get to know how students are responding to your lesson plans. 

Furthermore, you will get to know what chapters need to revise, when to stop, and decide the approx. time to provide students with their daily breaks. Below are the five ways how our software will help you track student progress: 

1. It will help you stay updated with the student schedules 

2. It will help to adapt a teaching style that will help the students to get engaged in your lesson 

3. It will help you achieve your everyday task effectively 

4. It will help you manage time 

5. It will help you create a personal relationship with students 

How Does a Student Tracking Software Function? 

Any efficient and reliable tracking software functions in two ways. The first is known as teacher center tracking and the other is known as student center tracking. Teacher center tracking allows the teacher to be in complete control. You will have the power to create student study material, communicate with the students personally, and make classes according to your convenience  

On the contrary student tracking system lets students be the authority.  The student will set their own goals for completing their lesson, organize each day-to-day task according to their convenience, and create their objective list through graphical representations 

As a Teacher How Should  I Track 

Knowing what to track will always increase your authority as a teacher. According to our knowledge, a teacher should always track a student’s behavior during a lesson; time spent on reading a particular chapter, quiz participation, unit test scores, and proficiency levels 

As a teacher always remember that you must stay updated with feedback from students, knowing the student’s behavior will let you know their strengths and weakness in a particular subject. This will help the student get maximum benefits from your coaching lessons 

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