How to Track Students’ Progress Effectively? 5 Key Points

How to Track Students’ Progress Effectively?

Both teachers and students are finding it very hard to invest in each other. The students are unable to see their growth, while teachers are unable to see how students are performing when they are teaching a particular subject.   To mitigate these issues both students and teachers need a student tracking system that would double … Read more

Student Tracking Systems | Impact on Students Performance

Student Tracking System | Impact on Students Performance

A good education plays a significant role in the overall development of every person’s life. Thereby, a classroom education equipped with the right tools and good teachers can provide knowledge along with all-around personality development. Whether the class is online or offline, the goal remains the same – to promote an overall scholastic and social … Read more

What is Student Record Management System? Benefits + Tool

Student Record Management System

WHAT IS A STUDENT RECORD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM? Time is the Most Valuable Asset & so are the Students; hence to save both, there is a Student Record Management System (SRS) or also referred to as Student Information Management System (SIMS), which is a Software Solution for Tracking, Managing, Scheduling and Recording Students Data.  Student Record … Read more

How to Engage Students in Learning: 7 Effective Ways

How to Engage Students in Learning

Time is changing Rapidly. With those Traditional classrooms of an old era, now we’re shifting to Modern & Advanced Technological Classrooms. Through the use of the Internet and a wide array of Software, the Education system is becoming more interesting and more accessible to tutors as well as Students.  Previously it was a tedious task … Read more